October 6 (try-out), October 7 (premiere), October 8, 9  at 20:30 at hetveem theater, Amsterdam

October 10 at 16:30 at hetveem theater, Amsterdam

October 26, 27 at 21:00 Dampfzentrale, Bern



Boys don’t cry.

In a society obsessed with efficiency and instant gratification, sadness is often seen as a handicap and a waste of time. CRYING MACHINE uses the archetype of the solitary wanderer to delve into the anatomy of this outlawed emotion.

CHRIS: ‘I’m obsessed with crying men. In my previous solo works chanson triste and Masculinity I failed twice at crying in front of an audience. This time I asked Roger Sala Reyner to become the tragic hero I myself would have liked to be. He is sent on a journey into the valley of tears. It’s like seeing my sadness through the eyes of someone else.’

IGOR: ‘It is through strange circumstances of life that Chris, Roger and I started working together. Instead of being chosen for this project, for a number of different reasons, we chose each other. Paradoxically, the concern we have shared from the beginning is in a complicated manner related to loneliness which is related to sadness which is related to crying which is related to tears which are related to water which is related to landscapes which are related to…’

ROGER: ‘There is a deep cave inside, a dark cathedral with moist walls. The cathedral has one entrance and a half circle of white marble seats facing the depth. A thick red wet carpet is unfolding toward the high cupola at the other end. From there you could take spiral stairs all the way down to the crypt or up to the central command room, where black clouds are condensing, threatening the peaceful life of the villagers.’

concept Chris Leuenberger

choreography/performance/dramaturgy Chris Leuenberger, Roger Sala Reyner, Igor Dobricic

movement coach Ria Higler

music Tian Rotteveel

lights Paul Schimmel

coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern, hetveem theater Amsterdam

with generous support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté (Belfort), Stadt & Kanton Bern, Pro Helvetia

In CRYING MACHINE Chris Leuenberger brings the themes of loneliness and intimacy into a collaboration process with dramaturge Igor Dobricic and choreographer Roger Sala Reyner. Chris has been a hetveem maker since 2007. Besides collaborating with various choreographers (Katy Hernan, Jenny Beyer and Anja Müller) he embarked on a solo research traject investigating intimacy and his masculine role in society. The solo MASCULINITY (2008) was Chris’ first collaboration with Igor Dobricic who regularly works with hetveem maker Diego Gil. Roger Sala Reyner presented his  piece FULL FAILING THE EXPECTATION at hetveem last February. Each with his own story of loneliness and a penchant to melancholic daydreaming, the three artists have joined forces to make an ode to sadness.

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