ORGANISATION in Manaus, Montevideo and Buenos Aires


On March 21, 26 and 28 a preview version of Chris’ new solo ‘ORGANISATION’ was shown in three different South American cities: Manaus, Montevideo and Buenos Aires.

In Manaus the solo was shown in the context of the workshop series ‘Jovens Criadores do Amazonas’ for which Chris was one of the invited guest teachers. Two performances were presented in a row at Espaço das Cias in the center of the city on Saturday, March21st. There was considerable media coverage with articles on the workshop series and the show appearing in two of the major newspapers. A lighting design was created specifically for that space which turned out to be suitable for the work. organi-manaus

In Montevideo Chris coordinated the event ‘invitación a sentir el tiempo’ together with Catalina Chouhy and Carolina Silveira in the Spanish Cultural Center CCE. A number of artists from different fields were invited to spend time together and host a 12-hour event from sunset to sunrise to witness and investigate the passing of time. Several shorter works as well as impromptu happenings and collective activities took place in the course of the night. At the starting time of the event the CCE’s 4th floor studio and its adjacent rooftop terrace were populated by around 50 artists. Only 20 stuck it out all the way to the breaking of dawn.


In Buenos Aires ‘ORGANISATION’ was presented at Café Müller in the frame of FIDEBA – Festival Internacional de Danza Emergente / Buenos Aires.


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