ON AIR is shown in the frame of the program Bold in Motion, an evening of final performances of the MTD (Modern Theaterdance Department) featuring choreographies of Trisha Brown, Jeanine Durning, Tabea Martin, Giulia Mureddu and Chris Leuenberger.
Performances take place on June 20, 21, 22 and 23 at 20h at De Theaterschool, Jodenbreestraat 3 in Amsterdam.
For reservations go to agenda
Further performances on June 26,27 at 20:30 at Korzo Theater, Den Haag www.korzo.nl


ON AIR is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, geishas, angels and small amounts of other gases. Some people can survive on air alone. ON AIR thrives on the rhythms and sounds the air creates as it is sucked into and expelled from the dancers’ bodies.

choreography Chris Leuenberger in collaboration with the dancers
dance Alex Deijmann, Amy Pender, Bruno Morais, Carmen Castricum, Caroline Haring, Christina Halford, Eva Honings, Jeroen Bakker, Ksenia Knyazeva, Leyla de Muynck, Lisa Marie Hennig Olsen, Maja Hannisdal, Martijn Joling, Noora Hannula, Pietari Karki, Susan Hoogbergen, Tamar Ben Cnaan, Unn Faleide, Youri Peters
repetitor Vivianne Rodrigues de Brito
music Jetzmann
special thanks to: Igor Dobricic, Aitana Cordero, Ria Higler, Roger Sala Reyner, Yurie Umamoto

White Horse has won the Swan for ‘most impressive dance production’ 2011 forTRIP en masse, a choreography adapted from the original trio version to 11 dancers of Amsterdam’s city dance company Dansgroep Amsterdam.


photo: Ben van Duin

According to the jury, TRIP en masse is an overpowering dance performance that is at once entrancing, fascinating and terrifying. TRIP was originally made as a trio in 2008. Krisztina de Châtel (Golden Swan winner 2010) challenged the creators to make an expanded version for Dansgroep Amsterdam as a whole, which the dance jury considered an excellent choice. “The creation was even more gripping. The excellent performance makes TRIP en masse essential viewing in the dance theatre repertoire.”

TRIP en masse TRIP en masse is a murderous but fascinating battle of attrition about fanaticism, the masses and hysteria – a “bubble” of here-and-now-hardness. White Horse’s conceptual approach and strong physical orientation create new perspectives and insights – both for the dancers and the audience.

The Swans The 2011 Swans – the VSCD Dance Awards – were announced on Saturday 8 October in Theater aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht, during the Gala of Dutch Dance. As always, the gala took place during the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht. The Swans are awarded to the most impressive dance performance and the most impressive dance production. The dance awards are an initiative of the Dutch Association of Theatres and Concert halls (VSCD).

Dansgroep Amsterdam Dansgroep Amsterdam is the city dance company for modern dance. The company develops modern dance by stimulating growth and experiment, and safeguards successful works for future audiences. Dansgroep Amsterdam makes dance accessible to a broad audience by offering educational programmes, presenting dance in unusual locations and through community art projects.



Tenerife danza lab – laboratorio de danza del Auditorio de Tenerife – y el grupo invitado White Horse, presentan la creación colectiva de  2011:

Descripción: C:\Documents and Settings\blancac\Escritorio\2011 Together mailing.jpg

En Together todos siguen la misma tarea, todo el tiempo. La obra investiga el impacto físico de las utopías colectivas, la necesidad de sentirse más cerca de los demás y la fuerza que se genera al juntarse. Propone una colectividad llena de contradicciones, emociones y deseos que surgen de la situación actual, del aquí y ahora. Los cuerpos en movimiento se convierten en sismógrafos de lo más intimo y lo más universal que puede unirnos con otros cuerpos. 

El espectáculo contará con una exposición sobre el proceso creativo del proyecto, que se presentará en el Hall a partir de las 18.30h, y además un encuentro con los coreógrafos y bailarines, después de la función en la Sala de Cámra, en el que se desvelará el proceso creativo del proyecto.


Coreografía y Danza Paloma Hurtado, Juan Manzano, Javier Ferrer, Laura Marrero

Concepto White Horse

Dirección Lea Martini

Co-Dirección Chris Leuenberger

Asistencia Julia Jadkowski

Composición y Arreglo Musical Coordt Linke

Diseño de Iluminación Dimas

Vestuario Raquel Rodriguez

Coordinación artística y pedagógica Helena Berthelius

Ayudante de Producción Begoña Dominguez

After a severe crisis of faith we premiered GROUPIES at Hebbel am Ufer Berlin on October 6 with a resurrected belief in togetherness


village piece


After moving back to Switzerland I lived for a few months in the village where I grew up and decided to make a solo performance for the villagers. The piece turned out to be half autobiographical village musical, half lecture performance. It is a tribute to my childhood in the village and an attempt to bring contemporary art and village culture closer together.

photo: Marcel Schwald

I have been thinking about gender and spirituality in Latin America while teaching GROUPIES workshops with the White Horse collective and performing Trip in Colombia and Uruguay. I attended Candombe parades in the streets of Montevideo, participated in a night-long Daime ceremony, learned my first steps of Tango and got hooked on Mate.


In my travels and adventures I kept  looking into indigenous and contemporary rituals to prepare my homecoming to Switzerland and to restage my solo Masculiniy at the Swiss Dance Days in March 2011



In November 2010 White Horse taught two workshops in Bogota and Montevideo. In the workshops Maria, Xavier and I explored physicalities of devotion and surrender with both semi-professional and professional dancers/choreographers. The workshops served as laboratory and research playground for White Horse’s new group performance about religion which will premiere at HAU theater in Berlin on October 7, 2011.

In Bogota the workshop took place at Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, where we got to perform Trip in the context of the 14th edition of the Festival Universitario de Danza Contemporánea. While in Colombia we also performed and gave a master class at the Encuentro de Danza CUERPO ABIERTO on the campus of the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia in Tunja, gave a private performance at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota and performed for the opening of the Festival Danza en la Ciudad at the Teatro Libre in Candalaria.

Maria and Xavier at Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán

blog of the festival: www.elprivilegiodeseramateur.blogspot.com

In Montevideo we taught a week-long workshop at Casarrodante – taller de danza y creación after having shown Trip at Teatro Solis.


groupies workshop at Casarrodante, Montevideo / photo: Nacho Correa



October 6 (try-out), October 7 (premiere), October 8, 9  at 20:30 at hetveem theater, Amsterdam www.hetveemtheater.nl

October 10 at 16:30 at hetveem theater, Amsterdam

October 26, 27 at 21:00 Dampfzentrale, Bern www.dampfzentrale.ch



Boys don’t cry.

In a society obsessed with efficiency and instant gratification, sadness is often seen as a handicap and a waste of time. CRYING MACHINE uses the archetype of the solitary wanderer to delve into the anatomy of this outlawed emotion.

CHRIS: ‘I’m obsessed with crying men. In my previous solo works chanson triste and Masculinity I failed twice at crying in front of an audience. This time I asked Roger Sala Reyner to become the tragic hero I myself would have liked to be. He is sent on a journey into the valley of tears. It’s like seeing my sadness through the eyes of someone else.’

IGOR: ‘It is through strange circumstances of life that Chris, Roger and I started working together. Instead of being chosen for this project, for a number of different reasons, we chose each other. Paradoxically, the concern we have shared from the beginning is in a complicated manner related to loneliness which is related to sadness which is related to crying which is related to tears which are related to water which is related to landscapes which are related to…’

ROGER: ‘There is a deep cave inside, a dark cathedral with moist walls. The cathedral has one entrance and a half circle of white marble seats facing the depth. A thick red wet carpet is unfolding toward the high cupola at the other end. From there you could take spiral stairs all the way down to the crypt or up to the central command room, where black clouds are condensing, threatening the peaceful life of the villagers.’

concept Chris Leuenberger

choreography/performance/dramaturgy Chris Leuenberger, Roger Sala Reyner, Igor Dobricic

movement coach Ria Higler

music Tian Rotteveel

lights Paul Schimmel

coproduction Dampfzentrale Bern, hetveem theater Amsterdam

with generous support of Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté (Belfort), Stadt & Kanton Bern, Pro Helvetia

In CRYING MACHINE Chris Leuenberger brings the themes of loneliness and intimacy into a collaboration process with dramaturge Igor Dobricic and choreographer Roger Sala Reyner. Chris has been a hetveem maker since 2007. Besides collaborating with various choreographers (Katy Hernan, Jenny Beyer and Anja Müller) he embarked on a solo research traject investigating intimacy and his masculine role in society. The solo MASCULINITY (2008) was Chris’ first collaboration with Igor Dobricic who regularly works with hetveem maker Diego Gil. Roger Sala Reyner presented his  piece FULL FAILING THE EXPECTATION at hetveem last February. Each with his own story of loneliness and a penchant to melancholic daydreaming, the three artists have joined forces to make an ode to sadness.